Initial support – thank you!

When I first made this website and its linked Facebook site ‘live’ on Saturday, I must admit that I was rather nervous. About what exactly, I’m not sure now. In just three days there have been 50 likes on Facebook. Not a bad effort really!

I guess though, for an event like this one, until the night comes and goes there is going to be a constant degree of worry in the back of my mind. Am I crazy for attempting something like this? I don’t have my eyes covered – I know exactly how hard it will be to make this night a success. From the initial support shown though, I think I can lay those concerns to rest for now. THANK YOU. The messages already received, offering help where it may be needed, has put those early worries at the back of my mind.

For now, I simply ask that you share and share again the link to this website. Whether it is on your Facebook timeline or via email to your friends who don’t ‘do’ Facebook (shock horror, yes, not everyone is on Facebook!), we need the word out there about Captain Coonan’s Catch a Cure for Leukaemia Night. I would hate for some of Ross’ friends not to know about this evening.

For those who may not realise, there is also the option to follow this website. On the homepage, in the top right corner, there is the option to enter your email address and receive any new posts (like this one), via email. And if you are a bit of a closet Twitterer, you can follow on there also: @captains_night

Cheers everyone!



2 thoughts on “Initial support – thank you!

  1. You shouldn’t be nervous or worried as any bit of money or awareness you raise is going to help!
    You should be very proud of yourself.
    I know being in Tamworth I can’t be much help, but let me know if I can do anything.
    Jo Jones
    (Pete & Robs daughter!)

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