Free haircut anyone?

Who would like a free haircut? Shave, to be precise!

If so, put your name down and line right up… in 11 months time.

Or, there is the option to get waxed. Gorilla chest? Leg hairs that whistle in the wind? Hairy pits? Actually, scrap that last idea. I’m not sure anyone needs to smell under someone else’s arms.

But, you do have just under a year to grow some awesome hair whether it is on your head or not. And, once we get a team up and running, we will have a huge amount of time to raise some fantastic donations through the World’s Greatest Shave page.

For now, if you would like to sign up and have your head shaved or that very hairy chest waxed at next years Captain Coonan’s Catch a Cure for Leukaemia Night, please comment below. Or head on over to the ‘Brave Shavers’ link that can be found in the top menu of this website and comment there.

Cheers everyone!


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