Random post #3

I have been trying to think of something new to write as the next random post about Ross. And I had a brainwave! And yes, it hurt, for all those smart-alec’s out there who were thinking it…

It seems a bit ironic that we are going to be shaving our heads voluntarily next year, when for many who went with Coonan Harvesting, heads were shaved very much reluctantly and for some, being held down. It seemed to be a bit of an occurrence as the years passed, that if the crops weren’t quite ready or perhaps it had rained, beverages would be consumed and the clippers would make an appearance.

Like I said, some really weren’t overly fussed on having their precious locks come off. There is one story of a young bloke who had had quite a few bevvies and was basically asleep in his chair. So of course, the clippers made their entrance over his head. As they were drug back through his hair straight down the middle, the clippers were making their ‘bbrrrrrr’ sound. And this particular young bloke was “bbrrrrr-ing” right back at it. The next morning, as he awoke he ran his hand over his head (straight down the middle which is all that was shaved)… I believe that the following words could just about be heard on the other side of the caravan park: “OH NO! OH NO! NO, NO, NO! MY GIRLFRIEND IS NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS!!” And of course, the rest of his hair then had to come off as well.

Another fella tried to keep the clippers at bay by holding an aerosol can in front of him – and using a lighter to keep them even further away with the resulting flames!

I would love to know how many heads were shaved over the years. If you were made a victim of the clippers on a Coonan Harvesting jaunt, please add your name in the comments section.


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