Why I am supporting the Leukaemia Foundation

From the moment Ross and Kate arrived in Brisbane to see doctors regarding the outcome of leukaemia, they were given somewhere to stay free of charge. For the first little while, it was in a motel close to the Mater Hospital. After this, they were moved into the ESA Village which was within walking distance of the hospital. (The ESA Village has since been rebuilt at Dutton Park due to the Qld Children’s Hospital development). After receiving the all-clear and Ross was sent home, it was discovered that the leukaemia had recurred, and Ross and Kate were again placed in the Village.

It is obvious that on top of having to worry about a disease you know nothing about, the costs associated with it and the affect on family members, it is the concern of needing somewhere to stay that could very well be the tipping point in many people. However, the Leukaemia Foundation were (for want of a better description) all over it from day one when Ross was diagnosed. And during their stay, if either of them felt the need to talk to anyone for support or information, the staff at the Village were always available. Programs were offered that they could attend, for example, to find out more about Ross’ leukaemia or for support on how to deal with the differing emotions, not just for the patient but also the carers, family and friends. When Ross had to go to the Royal Brisbane Hospital, there was a bus that Kate and family could take from the Village rather than having to tackle the added burden of traffic themselves.

It is these reasons, among many others, that I am supporting the Leukaemia Foundation with this fundraiser. Having had a first-hand experience with what they can offer tells me that this organisation is worthy of my personal time to help them out in whichever way I can. And of course, perhaps a cure will one day be found due to the funds raised that have gone towards the research into the many blood disorders that are ruining people’s lives.

The following information can be found on the Leukaemia Foundation’s website (www.leukaemia.org.au) and also the World’s Greatest Shave website (www.worldsgreatestshave.com.au) about how your donated money can help:

> $27 can provide emotional support to help overcome the initial shock of diagnosis
> $40 can support the laboratory costs for a PhD student for one day
> $58 can pay for one car to transport patients to and from treatment centres for a day
> $160 can provide a regional family with a fully furnished ‘home away from home’ for two nights near a major hospital in the city
> $250 can provide access for a patient and their carer to attend a disease-specific education and support program
> $350 can provide 13 people with free, emotional support to help overcome the initial shock of diagnosis
> $400 can support a major blood cancer research program for one day
> $500 can enable two patients and carers to attend an education or support program specific to their blood cancer
> $650 can fund laboratory costs of a PhD Student Blood Cancer Researcher for three weeks
> $1200 can provide free transport to over 200 patients and carers to and from hospital for a month
> $2000 supports a major blood cancer research project for one week

Please, if you would like to help me raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, head on over to the Like to help? link in the menu. Cheers everyone!


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