Ideas for auction/raffle items

If you are thinking of donating an item that can be used in either the auction or raffle, but are struggling to think of something precise, remember that there is no limit! It can be small or it can be large. It can be inexpensive or it could be more high-priced. Think about what you personally would like to see available.

Here are some ideas:

> Gift certificate for online retailers
> Gift certificate for a business (local or away)
> Free car service
> Car detailing
> Weekend away package
> Exotic holiday package
> Sports tickets in a corporate booth for x amount of people
> Massage
> Hair appointment: cut & dry or colour
> Jewellery
> Artwork
> Tickets to a theme park
> Autographed items, sporting or other
> Concert tickets
> Fishing charter trip
> Custom-made piece of furniture
> Golf clubs
> Couple of hay bales
> Alcohol – commemorative to make it special
> iPad
> Saddlery items
> Sporting items
> Leather goods
> Kids wooden toys
> Lawn mower
> Gardening tools
> Kitchenware
> Nespresso machine, or larger coffee machine

These are just some suggestions off the top of my head. Have you got an idea? What would you be willing to bid on?


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