Uberkate donation

Who here likes jewellery?! If there wasn’t a conflict of interest on my behalf, this is something that I would LOVE to bid on in the auction. And therefore, closer to my 30th next year, I will be utilising the “hubby hint” button in the online shop 😉

Uberkate is a world where art and personalised jewellery combine to keep families and loved ones connected. Each Uberkate piece is made from precious metals that have been hand-crafted into a distinctive design and can then be personalised for the individual wearer. Uberkate has attracted a cult following and her designs are regularly worn by Australian media personalities including Monique Wright, Georgie Gardner, Sarah Murdoch, Jessica Rich, Joanna Townsend, Rebecca Harris, Leila McKinnon, Natalie Barr and Melissa Doyle.

And so, available on the night to one lucky winner will be an Uberkate Original piece. If you wish to drool over the complete range of Uberkate in the meantime, visit the website here!


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