Random post #7 by Al Hay

This random post about Ross is brought to you by Alison Hay, one of Ross’ sisters-in-law. Aunty Al sent me an email today after looking through the bits and pieces on Facebook, with something that she remembered:

Ross looooved Selastic. If something could be fixed with Selastic, it was. If there was a gap in something – Selastic. If something leaked – Selastic. If something would not glue – Selastic.

At one time there was an ad on TV for No More Gaps. It was a man using the filler to seal a window on a cabin. As the camera pans back, the cabin is on a small boat on a river. The man yells, “Prepare to dive!!”

Just so reminded me of Ross.

We now have a caravan that Ross used to take harvesting. The kids now use it as a cubby as it is a bit worse for wear. However, even though the wheels have fallen off it, to this day the van does not leak!!!

The Selastic is still holding. Not sure if I want to risk a dive though…

Thanks Al, this made my day. It is so very true, and I am sure there are a few other handymen out there who love Selastic as much as Dad did 😉


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