Random post #8

Ross was not a fan of “the city”. Toowoomba was fine. Brisbane, not so much. Particularly in terms of driving in or around the city. His mother and sister live on the Gold Coast, so he had to deal with it. But I can distinctly remember, numerous times, if we were travelling somewhere different we would steer clear of the CBD. We could be driving along when dad would suddenly decide that we were getting way too close to the tall buildings and he would just about have a heart attack. I’m not one hundred percent sure if it was simply a fear of getting lost in the one way streets and NEVER EVER getting out of there alive again, but let me tell you, it was real. Tense words would be spoken between driver and navigator. Us kids would be in the back, feeding off the nervous energy. Probably fighting too, if I remember anything correctly about sitting in the back of a car with Tim and Peter.

And it wasn’t just the tall buildings. Ross was a country driver – in a four wheel drive. Sometimes we could be going along the freeway and apparently, also in the wrong direction. So what does a person do when the next turnoff is still kilometres away? It is relatively easy when there is a large grassy median strip between the roads on the freeway… you just use that as a turnaround bay to get back into the opposite flowing direction. Even if there is a gully in the bottom of it. And believe me, it happened more than once. Pfft, who needs intersections or exits. Not Ross!


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