Jimmy Barnes donation

Who likes Jimmy Barnes? Some would argue he is the quintessential master of rock in Australia. And so, I am pleased to announce that for his fans out there, I have some good news for you!

Thanks to Neva at Freight Train Music for her assistance, there are some bits and pieces of Jimmy Barnes’ merchandise that will be available on the night, including:

> Welcome to the Pleasure House EP, 2013: released in August 2013, this includes 6 songs as a taster for his next CD and includes “Feels Right” with his daughter Mahalia Barnes
> Rarities (out of the ’50’ Anthology), 2007: in 2007 Jimmy’s label Liberation Music put together a special package to celebrate his 50th birthday. This double disc pack includes a live disc of 10 never previously released songs and also a studio disc with 10 more songs!
> Jimmy Barnes tote bag
> Jimmy Barnes stubby cooler
> Jimmy Barnes Working Class Fan, red hot summer singlet
> Jimmy Barnes bandana
> Jimmy Barnes white ‘retro’ t-shirt – that has his signature on it!

For your listening pleasure this afternoon, here is “Working Class Man”!


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