Payment and pick-up of items

If you successfully bid on an item on the night, you need to be able to pay with cash, cheque or provide proof of an internet banking deposit prior to taking your item from the hall. If this cannot be done on the night, pick-up can be made the next day or other arrangements made ūüôā


Coral Morris painting donation – update

Unfortunately the painting of the Old Stoney Crossing is unable to be completed for the auction. However, Coral Morris has very kindly offered one of her collection pieces in its place. This framed painting of the MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory is valued at $1000 and is simply beautiful and full of colour. It can be seen on the auction/raffle items page. Get your bidding hand ready for this one!

Body Shop : Bath & Shower Gel drive

Are you a Body Shop fan? Or does your better half have a birthday coming up? Want something to give at Easter time rather than just chocolates?

The lovely Kase Beasley is running a Bath & Shower Gel drive with 10% of sales going towards our cause. The order form can be downloaded from the bottom left hand corner of this website, in the My Box files.

Please email orders to by Sunday 23rd March. Then, all orders will be placed and will take 2 weeks to get to Kase and she will then forward them on. It is on the order form, but please remember to add $5 postage to your end total.

Have fun shopping!

Aussie author Tony Park’s donation

If you have never read a book by Tony Park, then you have sorely missed out. Until now! Available in the auction will be his 10 fiction books, all of which are set in Africa: Far Horizon, Zambezi, African Sky, Safari, Silent Predator, Ivory, The Delta, African Dawn, Dark Heart & The Prey. All have been signed on the title page. His 11th book has already been written and will be available for sale this year.

However – would you like your name in his book that is set for publication in 2015? That’s right! Tony can’t promise that it will be a major character, and it can be a man or a woman. Set in Namibia, this thriller could be your claim to fame. Excitement!! Get ready to bid on the night to have your name as a character name in Tony Park’s 12th book. Head on over to his website to find out more about Tony, his books and much more.

Big4 Cania Gorge Holiday Park donation

Peter & Jill Rankin at the Big4 Cania Gorge Holiday Park have kindly donated a voucher that entitles the holder to 2 nights accommodation in an ensuite cabin for 2 adults.

Taken from the website: “Some 35km out of Monto is one of southeast Queensland’s most picturesque gorges – Cania Gorge. Cania Gorge National Park boasts 3000 hectares of spectacular landscape, prominent sandstone cliffs, caves, eucalypt forest and dry rain forest with mosses, orchids, figs and vines growing in moist, sheltered areas. This secluded area is home to a variety of Australia’s native flora and fauna including kangaroos, rock wallabies, and over 100 species of birds.

Lake Cania is the ideal spot to view the unspoilt beauty of the awesome sculpted sandstone rock formations, such as Castle Mountain and the overhanging cliffs that form the escarpment of Cania Gorge. The lake has been well stocked with Australian Bass, Yellowbelly, Silver Perch and the highly-prized Saratoga.”

Along with the awesome facilities that are on offer in the actual holiday park (pools/water park complex, bird feeding, jumping pillows, outdoor movies, Cania Royal Nine, Cania Disc Golf, bettongs, fish & chips night, wine tasting night, wood fired pizza night, camp oven dinner night, tennis, morning teas…) there is also the surrounding area. As well as numerous bush walks and 4×4 drives that you can do, the park is only a very short drive to Cania Dam which is a fabulous spot for skiing or a leisurely kayak. Don’t miss this one on the night!!

What’s been happening lately?

It’s all happening at the moment! Our shave team is growing, slowly but surely… Pledges for different donations are rolling in, but until I either have full details on them or receive them, it’s a bit hard to publicise exactly what they are/contain…. Other parts of the shave and auction night are falling in to place… Eeek ūüôā

Don’t forget to check out the different pages on this website for info on Ross and the night; Brave shavers; Auction and raffle items; Taroom accommodation and more. These can all be found at the top of the home page.

To those who have donated so far, whether it is towards the night, item donations or shave donations – a massive thank you, it makes my heart sing (is that a bit tacky? Oh well!)

Also, if you are keen to help out in any way at all, holler at me ( with your phone number and I shall call you. Cheers!!

Taroom Hall thank you

Thank you to the Banana Shire Council who have approved the application to have the cost of the hall covered through the Community Funding and Assistance Program. Obviously, any expenses that we can have donated or sponsored ensure that the end result is more profit towards the Leukaemia Foundation.

Much appreciation also goes to the Cancer and Palliative Care Group in Taroom who assisted with this application. Without their help, we were unable to apply for the assistance. Our condolences go to the family and friends of Maureen Williams, who was the president of this group, and has sadly passed away.

Uberkate donation

Who here likes jewellery?! If there wasn’t a conflict of interest on my behalf, this is something that I would LOVE to bid on in the auction. And therefore, closer to my 30th next year, I will be utilising the “hubby hint” button in the online shop ūüėČ

Uberkate is a world where art and personalised jewellery combine to keep families and loved ones connected. Each Uberkate piece is made from precious metals that have been hand-crafted into a distinctive design and can then be personalised for the individual wearer. Uberkate has attracted a cult following and her designs are regularly worn by Australian media personalities including Monique Wright, Georgie Gardner, Sarah Murdoch, Jessica Rich, Joanna Townsend, Rebecca Harris, Leila McKinnon, Natalie Barr and Melissa Doyle.

And so, available on the night to one lucky winner will be an Uberkate Original piece. If you wish to drool over the complete range of Uberkate in the meantime, visit the website here!

Sirromet donation

Fancy visiting a five star winery? One that has won over 700 prestigious national and international wine awards since opening in 2000? Sirromet can be found at Mount Cotton, just a short drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and if you so desire, you can go behind the scenes of this working winery and gain an insight into the wine making process. Conclude with a tasting session of 8 Sirromet wines. This fun and informative tour, is a feast for the senses.

Up for grabs on the night will be 4 of these “Tour and Taste” vouchers. Cheers to that! Visit Sirromet to find out more about this picturesque venue.

Initial support – thank you!

When I first made this website and¬†its¬†linked¬†Facebook site ‘live’ on Saturday, I must admit that I was rather nervous. About what exactly, I’m not sure now. In just three days there have been 50 likes on Facebook.¬†Not a bad effort really!

I guess though, for an event like this one,¬†until the night comes and goes¬†there is going to be a constant degree of worry in the back of my mind. Am I crazy for attempting something like this? I don’t have my eyes covered – I know exactly how hard it will be to make this night a success.¬†From the initial support shown though, I think I can lay those concerns to rest for now. THANK YOU. The messages already received, offering help where it may be needed, has put those¬†early worries¬†at the back of my mind.

For now, I¬†simply ask that you share and share again the link to this website. Whether it is on your Facebook timeline¬†or via email to your¬†friends¬†who don’t¬†‘do’ Facebook (shock horror, yes, not everyone is on Facebook!), we need the word out there about Captain Coonan’s Catch a Cure for Leukaemia Night.¬†I would hate for some of Ross’ friends not to know about this evening.

For those who may not realise, there is also the option to follow this website. On the homepage, in the top right corner, there is the option to enter your email address and receive any new posts (like this one), via email. And if you are a bit of a closet Twitterer, you can follow on there also: @captains_night

Cheers everyone!